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Ja aber typisch Sufferfest. Da gehts direkt gut los. Allein der Schwimmtest würde mich schon überfordern an Tag 3:

Warm-up: Start with an easy 300-500m swim in the stroke of your choice. Rest for 60 seconds.
Activation 1: Swim 10 sets of 50m Drills Rest for 20 seconds.
Activation 2: Swim 2 sets of 100m, increasing from a moderate to fast speed throughout the 100m. Rest for 30 seconds.
Activation 3: Swim 2 sets of 25m, both done at just below your maximum. Rest for 30 seconds.
50m Test: Swim 50m as fast as you can. Keep track of your stroke count for the first 25m and the second 25m. Having a significantly higher stroke count on the 2nd half means you probably went out a bit too hard.
500m Pre-Test: Swim 100-200m at an easy pace and then rest for 120 seconds prior to going straight into your 500m test.
Test: Swim your fastest 500m possible. Try to start cautiously and finish strong.
Mentally count the number of strokes required on the final 100m. If this number is drastically higher than your stroke count for the 50m effort that means your form has deteriorated. Poor form means less water moved per stroke. This means you should put some extra work into your technique sessions to keep this from happening on race day.
Mark the total time it takes for you to finish the final 100m.
5 km - 20:35
10 km - 43:xx
HM - 1:43:xx
SD (750/19/5) - 1:31:36
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