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Alt 28.08.2012, 14:11   #2418
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Sieht eigentlich nicht sooo verkehrt aus wie Du da sitzt. Allerdings dass mit dem Helm... so wie auf dem Bild dürfte das nicht so vorteilhaft sein.
Speziell _der_ Helm ist darauf optimiert, auch mit der Flosse im Wind gut zu funktionieren, oder sogar besser als in der klassischen flachen Position. Hier was Interessantes dazu von John Cobb, der an dem Helm mitentwickelt hat.

EC: What is the real differences between aero helmets (short tail versus long-tail)?

John Cobb: There are two basic back shapes that all riders fit into. Group [A] which is the classic flat back with an acute bend at the waist and [b] a more rounded back with a pronounced hump or flex point right in the upper back at the shoulder blades. About 75% of age group racers are the [b] type back, about 60% of the professionals are the [A] type back. The [A] backs usually benefit from a longer tail helmet (Spiuk, LAS Laser, Specialized are this type) with an enclosed bottom, this pulls the air away from the head and shoulders and down the center of the back. [b] style riders benefit from shorter tail helmets (Rudy Project Wingspan, LG Rocket, Giro are a few) and the general helmet position is not real important. Many times these helmets are faster with the tails sticking up in the air so I wouldn’t sweat trying to keep the tail down on your back. The reason for this seems to be two things, less frontal area with the tail up and a smoother solid surface for the air to go around with the tail up.
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